Why Buying a Used Car Makes Sense


We all love to drive a new car, the leather interior smells great, and, of course, the car is in perfect condition, having just left the factory, yet when you invest in a new car, you will lose 10-15% of the value as soon as you drive it out of the showroom. Many UK motorists take the smart option and buy a car that is only a couple of years old, which is still in very good condition, and after a year or two, the car can be sold for a very good price, especially if you looked after it. Click here https://busdriverse.com/ to get the latest news updates about trending topics in auto industry.

  1. Reputable Used Car Dealers – It is not advisable to purchase a second-hand car from a private seller, as you buy the car on a “sold as seen” basis, and should anything go wrong, you are liable for repairs. Check out the great value Nissan car dealers in Exeter who have a stunning range of used cars for sale, and with a warranty, you have the added security that the car is in good condition.
  2. Less Depreciation – Driving a new car out of a showroom means you lose at least 10% of the value instantly, and in some cases, this can be as high as 15%. If you buy a car that is a couple of years old, the vehicle will be in very good condition, and the car dealer will have thoroughly inspected the car and carried out minor repairs before listing it for sale.
  3. Part Exchange – The second hand car dealer would be happy to take your old car in part exchange, and in most cases, they will pay you more than the market value, making it a great deal.Talk to your local used car dealer and see what he can do for you.