Where Did I Put My…


There are certain items that we just don’t seem to be able to keep tabs on, however hard we try. It’s probably a familiar story. The gremlins that just seem to sneak in at night and take our small items. If you’re a parent, you might know these gremlins as children. But even for people who are young, free and single, there is a force at work that just seems to steal things.

The Prize for the Most Elusive Goes To…

Whilst we’ve all known for a long time that certain items go missing more than others, Elite Daily has compiled a list that is sure to make you say, “I’m always losing that!” And top of the list, as you might expect are socks. The final item on the list is one that might make you stop and think a little too, because they believe that we are losing our dignity by sharing too much information on the internet, and particularly on social media.

Losing Things Online

For any of us who post content online, we know that this can be just as easily lost as socks, nail clippers and even our dignity. You know the story: you write a piece of content that you are delighted with. You post it on your blog or website, convinced it’s going to go viral. Then you sit back to wait for the website hits to roll in. And wait, and wait…

These days, however fabulous your content is, it will always need a little bit of a push to actually get seen. There are various ways of going about this, and it is a much more complex process than just optimising the keywords on your site. The quickest ways to market content are by using pay-per-click advertising or social media. Social media tends to be somewhat self-perpetuating. The more you use it, the more followers you get and the more successful you will be at promoting via this medium.

Pay-per-click advertising is a lot quicker and more targeted, because you can designate the search terms that you would like your content to appear under. This in turn drives the right sort of clientele to your website. You will usually aim for your target customer, but there is always the option of targeting people who are more likely to share your content. To this end, mobile advertising is a useful tool that is often overlooked.

The Guardian pointed out last year that mobile advertising was set to overtake print advertising in terms of the money spent on it. This makes perfect sense, because these days we spend a lot of time on mobile phones and tablets, and companies such as http://www.elevateuk.com/ can target mobile users who are likely to both visit websites and share content on their mobiles. After all, how often do you share content that you’ve found in a magazine?

However you decide to promote content online, it is worth thinking back to those socks, nail clippers and other items that you lose regularly. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone gently directing you to the best place to find them? That is exactly what you can do when promoting great content online.