When normal symptoms of pregnancy go on to become abnormal


ll of us are aware that the most common symptom of pregnancy is a missed period along with vomiting and nausea. But how you can figure out that something is amiss with these pregnancy symptoms. You can get a list of the symptoms and remedies for pregnancy by clicking on https://www.egmedicine.com/. It has an extensive list of information about pregnancy-related symptoms and treatment methods.

Hereby is a comprehensive guide on when you need to get in touch with health care professionals during symptoms of abnormal pregnancy.

Missed period

You think that you are pregnant, but your urine test always comes up negative. A lot of reasons can be attribute for missing your periods when you are pregnant.

The right time to get in touch with a health care professional

If it has been 14 days since the date of your last intercourse and still your urine pregnancy test shows up negative. The health care provider may order a blood test which provides an accurate and sensitive reading of your hormone levels. If the results are still negative you might have to explore the reasons for not bleeding.

Vomiting and nausea

Both these symptoms are not uncommon during the period of pregnancy. In 40% to 80 % of pregnancies they do occur at varying levels. It starts at 6 weeks, peaks at around 9 weeks and would be eradicated once you touch 18 weeks of gestation.

When to get in touch with a health care professional

In case if you are facing issues with keeping your fluid and food levels down then you lose weight. The health care provider would want to check out for weight loss and dehydration. In addition your thyroid or liver function is checked via the medium of blood tests along with an ultrasound of the baby.

If both the symptoms do take place after 10 weeks of gestation you need to report it to your health care provider. This is all the more so if it is accompanied by pain, fatigue or headache. The abnormal pregnancy symptoms could be a reason behind their occurrence.

Frequency of urination

Frequent urination is one of the major complaints of a pregnant woman. The main reason why it occurs is due to a change of structure in your kidneys or bladder that would lead to an overproduction of urine at night.

To get in touch with a health care provider it has to be that the frequency of urination has increased all of a sudden and is accompanied by pain or a certain degree of dizziness. Urinary tract infections could occur more in case of pregnant woman than in non-pregnant women. This can pave way to kidney complications that can lead to a host of pregnancy complications like preterm birth. A general suggestion would be to prevent UTI infection from spreading to a kidney infection.


You may be victim of extreme tiredness during the first trimester of pregnancy

If the fatigue recurs in the second trimester of pregnancy and refuses to go away it could be a sign of infection of anaemia

If you are aware of what is normal or abnormal during pregnancy it would help you considerably during pregnancy.

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