What would happen if a belly button does not pop out during pregnancy?


One of the sought out questions among the first time mothers would be when my belly button will pops out during pregnancy. A reaction would be if it has to happen it will. Mothers were also asked whether they would be worried if a belly button did not pop out. They did have some interesting answers about a pregnant button pop out.

Why does a belly button pop out in the first place? The uterus is known to push the abdomen forward. The abdominal pressure makes the uterus move forward and in certain cases it could become protrudes.

The time when a belly button pushes forward?

As the uterus is at a rapid expanding stage which pushes forward once you reach week 26. For a skinny or outie woman in the second trimester of pregnancy this could happen. At this point of time a pregnant woman goes on to discover a protruding navel or a popped out belly button.

Do you figure out any correlation between a popped out belly button and the sex of a baby?

Till date there is no research so as to substantiate this claim.

Can anything be done with a popped out belly button?

You ought to consider the fact that a popped out belly button is inevitable and harmless. This would be if you had an outie or an inverted button to get the ball rolling. But do expect it back to its normal position a few months once the delivery is over. There is nothing to be ashamed about it as you can consider it more of a proud moment.

On the other side if a belly button does not pop out there would be no major cause of worry. There have been a lot of instances where mothers did not have a popped out belly button and reported a normal pregnancy.

Can a popped out belly button lead to a stage of umbilical hernia?

In case of certain women a hole or a defect is being witnessed in their abdominal wall. This could happen even before pregnancy. Once you become pregnant, you gain excess weight that can put a lot of stress region which in turn forces the hernia to become more noticeable. In certain cases the hole does become so large which means that the tissue can pass through it. The hernia does become painful and you are going to come across a bulge in the umbilical region.

The best suggestion would be to wait till you are no longer pregnant so as to repair the umbilical region. But if this does become prone to incarnation it means that the tissue would become trapped in the defective area. This means you cannot push it back in and one is left with no other option. But surgery becomes a viable option in such cases. Surgery though is a life term decision and consults your doctor before you opt for one.

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