What are the Best Toys For Teething Puppies?


While a normal part of the growing process for puppies, teething can be a challenging stage or period for dog parents. Usually beginning in the third month of age, teething can be uncomfortable for pups. As a dog parent, you can help your pet go through this process by giving her a toy. But you may wonder, what’s an ideal toy for a teething puppy? And how do you select one? Read on and find out more about toys for teething puppies.

Teething can cause pain and discomfort to puppies. One way for pups to relieve this is to chew on something. This explains why puppies would chew on anything that they can get their paws and mouths on, including household items like shoes and sofa. This also underlines the need to provide a puppy with lots of sturdy, safe, and durable chewing toys.

Selecting the best toys for teething puppies

The best toys for teething puppies should not only satisfy the natural urge to chew. These toys should be made from safe and durable materials to ensure the health and safety of puppies.

In shopping for a toy for teething puppies, consider the following factors:

  • It should be made from high quality materials like rubber, cotton, or silicone. Regardless of the type of material, the toy should be flexible and soft enough for the sensitive teeth and gums of puppies.
  • The toy must be of the appropriate size in relation to the puppy’s breed. Large breed puppies such as German Shepherds and Retrievers, for example, should not be given small teething toys as they may choke on it. Large toys, on the other hand,are difficult if not impossible for a small puppy to play with. Make sure that the chew toy you buy is appropriately sized for your puppy’s age and breed.
  • This would depend on the chewing power of the puppy. If your puppy is an aggressive chewer, then you should find a toy that’s strong and sturdy enough to endure his so-called ‘chew personality.’

Best toys for teething puppies

  1. Goughnuts Indestructible Chew Toy MAXX

This is a virtually indestructible toy for a teething puppy. It can satisfy your pet’s chewing urges. Its round shape makes it intriguing for most puppies. It is also difficult for most puppies to pin down, further engaging them in the process. The size is big enough for large breed puppies like Labradors. It makes for an excellent fetching toy, too.

  1. Pet Qwerks BarkBone

This toy shaped like a bone is easy for puppies to pick up and hold. Hefty and generous in size, it is designed to massage and soothe the gums of teething puppies. The scraping action on the puppy teeth can also promote good hygiene.

It is made from real bacon and pure nylon. Durable, tasty, and safe for dogs, it is free from flavorings, additives, and colorants.

This durable toy can last for a long while, making it ideal for aggressive chewers. Large breed puppies will find this toy engaging. It is also designed to discourage destructive behavior in teething puppies.

  1. ZNOKA TPR Squeak Dog Chew Toy

This toy for a teething puppy squeaks which makes it enticing and engaging for dogs. Puppies will be mentally and physically entertained with this chew toy. It lessens the risks of puppies playing and biting shoes, sofa, and other household items.

Made from non-toxic rubber, the chew toy will satisfy your puppy’s natural urge to chew. It has little nubbins that help in promoting healthy gums while cleaning the teeth.

  1. Comtim Puppy Chew Toys

This puppy chew toy has a soft, flexible, and textured surface designed to alleviate the pain and pressure in the gums of puppies. It is made of natural rubber and cotton. Safe and durable, it could be the perfect chewing toy for puppies.

This chew toy has a cute, star and bone-shaped design. There is a bright colored rope that can keep your puppy engaged and entertained. It can fight boredom and anxiety in puppies. While not totally indestructible, it is safe for use of teething puppies as well as small breed dogs up to 20 pounds in weight.

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