What Does Exhaust Do for a Motorcycle?


If you’re trying to shed a few pounds on your motorcycle, or have a damaged exhaust that needs to be replaced, you may be wondering what’s the point of this system? Find out the basics of exhaust systems and why you should be grateful for your two-wheeled combustion re-routing system. Once you’re convinced, consider swapping that OEM muffler for an aftermarket one and shopping for motorcycle helmets for sale online. Find killer deals on the parts you need to take on your next adventure.

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Motorcycle Exhausts 101

There are three basic reasons why motorcycles have exhaust systems. An exhaust on a motorcycle operates similar to the same system on any combustion engine. Without an exhaust, you’d be dealing with these uncomfortable situations during every ride:

Breathing combustion gases

Listening to an incredibly loud engine

Using more fuel with every ride

If these don’t sound like fun additions to your riding experience, then don’t think about removing your motorcycle exhaust anytime soon. As your engine roars and powers your bike down the road, it gives off a lot of combustion gases. Unless channeled, these gases would float straight up into your face. Exhaust systems pipe the fumes out to the rear of your ride, away from your face.

Your engine may sound loud enough now, but take off that muffler and you’ll have to deal with ear-splitting decibels. Your muffler allows enough noise to keep your ride noticeable on the road, but still does cut down on the sound profile of your engine.

Finally, laminar flow and other thermodynamic principles mean that an exhaust system helps your engine breathe. Pulling away combustion fumes and drawing in fresh air not only translates to better horsepower, but also better fuel economy. Basically, an exhaust helps you and your bike breathe easily, and gives your ears a break, too.

Does Exhaust Impact the Performance of a Bike?

Your exhaust system can have a considerable impact on your bike. Maintaining your OEM exhaust provides a clear advantage over having no exhaust or a clogged one. Beyond that, you can modify your motorcycle and pick up an exhaust system that performs better than the original.

An OEM exhaust is a reasonably reliable option for your ride. It’s also a budget-conscious choice, so there are a few limitations with your existing setup. OEM exhaust systems are typically made of steel, which is heavier than aftermarket material options, like titanium. Swapping out this system with a lighter material can mean shedding as much as 15 pounds off the total weight of your bike.

Aftermarket exhausts can also increase the airflow of your engine. While an exhaust system on its own isn’t going to be a miracle, combining it with a new air filter and other components can ramp up your horsepower and help out your fuel economy.

Gear up for your next ride with the BMW motorcycle parts your bike deserves. Now that you know how crucial your exhaust system is, inspect yours today and compare aftermarket options to see if it’s time to shed some weight and update the performance of your favorite motorcycle.