Unsung Heroes of Real Estate


We all do it. We search through Zillow looking for the home of our dreams like it’s the Tinder of real estate or watch an episode of House Hunters baffled at why we can’t afford these amazing houses when the guy who buys crates and resells them to businesses can somehow afford a million dollar house. There is something about real estate that gets us excited. However, as much as we pine for the sexy parts of the real estate industry, there are a lot of people who work behind the scenes to make the real estate industry work. We thought we’d highlight just a few of these so you who know who you might be aware of some unsung heroes that play an essential role in making the real estate market work.

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Here is just a small glimpse into what each of these unsung heroes does.:

Title Insurance Rep:

A house’s title represents the legal right to own property that is obtained as part of the purchase process to show who distinctly owns any particular property. Whenever a property is sold from one person to another, it is important to update the title. Title insurance is an insurance policy that protects the buyers against some claims and loses in the event the sellers didn’t actually have the write to sell the property or if someone else has claim to the property. All buyers are advised to obtain a good title insurance policy to avoid losses caused by certain defect in the title.


The notary can be better defined as a publicly commissioned official that helps to sign the legal documents with impartial witnessing procedures. The main reason to involve a notary in real estate deals is to avoid frauds. They are also responsible for preparing documents related to powers of attorney, trusts, wills and affidavits as well. The notary professionals do their duty irrespective of any religion, nationality, race or sex. A notary is usually required to confirm the identifty of the individual signing loan documents. To get a notary’s commission, a notary must take an in-person or online notary course.

Transaction Coordinator:

Here is another official who takes responsibility to manage the paperwork along with deadlines to complete the transactions in the real estate world. These professionals are trained enough to execute various tasks right from the beginning to the end. They ensure secure transactions between both parties and help ensure each real estate transaction runs smoothly. They maintain complete confidentiality for your deals and ensure a safe and secure process.

Real Estate Agent:

Now comes the real estate agents; they are some licensed professionals that take care of all the transactions involved in the real estate world. They establish connections between buyers and sellers for the properties and makes efforts for appropriate negotiations. These professionals also help to close the deals fast and can guide you towards most beneficial property investment as per your requirements.

Marketing firms:

There are few marketing firms that are closely related to the real estate sector. They make efforts to prepare listings of the available properties and promote them online and offline. The real estate agents also associate to these companies to get new deals in the market. These firms have trained professionals that make use of the latest strategies to promote real estate market. They preferably focus on new units and high-value properties.

While we don’t think any of these people will get a big head about being called a hero, we do think it is important to give them a round of applause for all of their hard work.