Top BTC Wallets


Bitcoin is the most traded crypto asset ever. It has the most significant market capitalisation ($388,2 billion), daily trade volume ($40 billion), and highest price ($20,254). Since it is the most popular crypto asset on all crypto exchanges, the BTC to USDT pair is available on all platforms. Why do people convert BTC to USDT? USDT is a stablecoin, which is equal to one dollar. Thus, by converting Bitcoin to USDT, you convert your savings into dollar equivalent. It helps to hedge risks when the market trend changes.

Bitcoin is always in demand:

  • investors buy it and hold it in the long-term;
  • or they use BTC for futures trading and daily trades, generating income.

Depending on why you need BTC, there are different types of BTC wallets.

BTC Wallet for Long-Term Holding

If you plan to buy Bitcoin during this downtrend and hold it until the new trend starts, you need a robust way of storage for it. In this case, you don’t intend to use your BTC until the market boosts. So it would be logical to buy an offline wallet or a hardware wallet, which can be any USB storage or gadget with no constant Internet connection (Ledger). So you move your BTC to the device and pull it out of the computer. You will connect it back and withdraw your funds when the time comes.

The Best BTC Wallet For Daily Use

If you plan to conduct intensive trading operations with your BTC, you will find it inconvenient to attach a hardware wallet to your PC whenever you need to make a transaction. You need something that allows you to work quickly while maintaining a robust level of safety for your funds. The answer is the WhiteBIT wallet. WhiteBIT is a popular crypto exchange, legally operating in Europe and complying with all the regulators’ requirements. It stores 96% of users’ funds in cold wallets (offline), protecting them from hacker attacks. WhiteBIT wallet is easy to use on the go right from your mobile phone. It has a convenient interface that can be customised according to your needs. Most importantly, it enables fast transactions, crypto charts, live prices, and all the necessary tools for successful trading.