The Ultimate Festival Camping Checklist


Festivals are one of the few types of trips where preparation really isn’t crucial, with some people merely showing up and hoping for the best. Of course, if you do wish to maximise your festival experience, it is worth putting a little bit of work into the preparation.  Considering the wild, wet and generally crazy nature of festivals, taking a few precautions prior to your trip should serve you well and guarantee several days of pure enjoyment. Do not forget to visit this website for useful information about

Bearing this in mind, here are the five pieces of camping equipment we think you need to consider before you depart for your wild weekend.

A Roof

It goes without saying that your first port of call should be to find something to actually sleep in. Tents are by far and away the obvious choice although unfortunately, there are a whole array of decisions to make regarding the type of tent you purchase. While it might be tempting to go all out and buy the six-sleeper version with a compartment for each person, the chances of you having enough space to accommodate such a tent are slim to say the least. Similarly, it’s not a particularly good idea to purchase any sort of inflatable tent, with this ideal for pranksters looking to get their next kick.


This sub-title could be somewhat misleading as there really is no such thing as hygiene when it comes to festivals. While festival organisers are seemingly placing more effort into toilet facilities, they’re really fighting a losing battle and the condition is never going to be hotel-esque. Therefore, make sure you pack plenty of wet wipes and anti-bacterial hand soap, which won’t necessarily be used just on your hands but all over your body as well. For those of you who like your luxuries, it might also be advisable to take a Travel John for those desperate toilet dashes in the middle of the night! Get detailed information about traveling on this dedicated website:


There have been cases of people leaving festivals in exactly the same clothes they arrived in. Clearly, this isn’t recommended, but neither is packing your whole wardrobe. Chances are, your clothes are going to become dirty over time so take a couple of spare items, while a hat will always be useful for both the sun and rain. On the subject of rain, waterproof clothing is a must and while the overpriced ponchos at the festival might perform a temporary job, they are by no means permanent. In relation to footwear, don’t just pack a bunch of high-heels; tend to look at more unfashionable options such as hiking boots or wellies – something to keep the water out.

Creature Comforts

When we talk about creature comforts, we really are talking about items such as Travel John’s or anything else that the average camper won’t be bringing along. A royal Florence chair could also fall into this category and on a morning when you are preparing for a hard day of partying, nothing will feel better than relaxing beside your tent in comfortable ‘furniture’!

Other Essentials

Taking a rucksack or any similar bag to throw your valuables in is always a good idea. On the subject of valuables, the general advice nowadays is not to purchase a padlock for your tent, with this proving to be an invitation rather than a hindrance to potential thieves. Learn more about adventure, tours, hotels & restaurants, travel, and leisure by clicking here:

Torches are another advisable item as unsurprisingly, few lampposts are going to be situated around your temporary neighbourhood. Again, going the unfashionable route can sometimes be advisable in this respect and many festival-goers are starting to take miner’s torches to make life easier.