The myths about pregnancy


Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful time in the lives of women as they give birth to a new life altogether. However, pregnancy brings variations in the body of expectant women. This is due to hormonal changes.

Mood swings is one of the highlighted elements but of course, is not the only change that a pregnant woman undergoes. A woman’s body goes through significant changes throughout pregnancy.

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Pregnancy can also disturb the existing skin problems and you might have to associate with pregnancy experts online to come to your rescue. These issues could be skin disorders, psoriasis, acne, and atopic dermatitis. They can both, increase or decrease, during a pregnancy depending upon the changes occurring in the hormones. Most expectant women have a healthy looking and glowing skins but with addition to it, there are other skin disturbances that are visible with the growth of baby in the womb. The most common skin change are the stretch marks. Stretch marks are the expanding of skin from various parts of body like stomach area, inner thighs, breasts, nipples. Spider veins and varicose veins are also a skin disorder that is very prominently visible. Such issues could be sorted out by Pregnancy advice live chat that would help the expectant women and her family to understand these issues and undertake measures to decrease its expansion further.

No wonder this beautiful period of pregnancy comes with many pleasant experiences but it also has a cost for it. In this phase, women are also likely to turn to become more emotional and moodier. This is why women gets deep inside the myths attached with pregnancy without knowing the facts. Here are some myths about pregnancy that every woman must know about for good pregnancy care.

  • Eat for two

The first myth attached is that after women are expecting a baby, she must eat according to a diet for two. However, the fact says that there are no scientific proves that asks an expectant woman to have meal for two. Over eating is bad for both, the mother and child, and thus a woman should eat only a balanced and healthy diet. If you want to learn more about pregnancy difficulties, visit this website for useful information.

  • Cream avoids stretch marks.

Stretch marks are something that comes naturally due to expansion of skin while the baby develops, however, applying cream can not completely vanish the marks from the skin. You must always consult a fertility doctor before using any medicine or cream during pregnancy

  • You can’t fly

The myth about avoiding flights during pregnancy is quite baseless. Some airlines would disapprove a pregnant woman flying due to an emergency but the facts say that you can fly anytime you want to during your pregnancy.

  • No hot water baths, no dyeing hairs.

One most prominent myth about pregnancy is that warm water bath is not good for baby, which is false, just like the myth about hair dyeing. Hair dyes contain less chemicals are cause no harm to the baby, and thus are quite safe.

During pregnancy, all women should do is lead a natural and normal routine life, without concentrating much on both the changes in skin or the myths about pregnancy, it would help the mother and the baby grow peacefully and happily. Want to learn more? Click on it and know about the infections that are harmful during pregnancy.