The 5 Essential Places of North India


Making a list of 5 essential points in such a large and diverse country can be a dare or perhaps an error because of the obvious risk of leaving out many important places.

  1. Jaisalmer

The golden city of Rajasthan is an authentic oasis in the Thar desert. It is a small city, located in the west of the country, near the border of Pakistan and is a real breath of relaxation compared to the rest of the bustling Indian cities.

Its 12th-century Fort impresses and is even more charming walking through its narrow streets full of bazaars with products of higher quality than other cities (it is a good place to buy silk and cashmere fabrics).

Another essential visit within the Fort is the route of the 7 Jain havelis. A n Haveli was a private residence of wealthy merchants from the cities of ancient India and began to be built from 1830 until 1900. Within the fort you can travel a route where you visit 7 that are still in good condition And they are very pretty.

The food of Rajasthan is especially delicious and here, in Jaisalmer, the best place in my opinion is the Jaisal Italy Restaurant located at one of the entrances to the fort towards which it has spectacular views and with a terrace that at night is lovely, Indian food is very tasty and they also have Italian dishes, and all at a great price. They accept payment with international cards.

  1. Udaipur

Medium-sized city, to which the presence of several lakes provides a very strange feeling of calm and tranquility in India . Sailing on Lake Pichola in one of the boats that leave every hour of the City Palace is one of the most relaxing and enriching activities in the city.

The City Palace is another recommended visit. It is the largest palace complex in Rajasthan and was built in the 16th century on a hill in the city, thanks to which it offers a panoramic view. It is a mixture of Rajasthan and Mongolian styles, and is over 250 meters long, full of patios, gardens, halls and passageways. The entries are about 250 INR. If you are planning to visit Udaipur take the Palace on Wheels train which makes your trip more memorable.

  1. Taj Mahal, Agra

Although naming it seems obvious, my expectations were rather low, due to previous experiences with other places and monuments in the world that we are more than accustomed to seeing in the distance and that once seen live, they can disappoint.

With the Taj Mahal, nothing you have seen or can imagine will correspond to reality. From the moment you crossed the entrance (recommended to enter through the East Gate), the astonishment and the feeling of being in front of one of the most impressive buildings in the world invaded me. Its majesty, its immensity and its perfect symmetry, its impressive marble walls inlaid with precious stones make it an incredible place. There is no photo or description that can reflect reality, you just have to see it.

  1. Orchha

This medieval city, whose name means “hidden place”, is much less known to tourists and recommend it, only if you want to access Varanasi by train or road after visiting Agra , as it is on the way.

It is a small town of 8000 inhabitants located 250 km south of Agra, and that transmits peace and tranquility, with a huge fortress palace located on a temporary island that is located on the Betwa River, several temples and cenotaphs. It is a small, quiet place with really welcoming people, which you personally liked very much.

  1. Varanasi

Without a doubt, the great dilemma of India . Many people will say that it is crazy to recommend this city, but for me it is an essential place if you want to know Hinduism , its customs and its most ancestral traditions.

Walk the ghats and sit and observe the Ganges, its people doing ablutions, the ceremonies in the river, Yoga at dawn, its great Manikarnika crematorium and hundreds of everyday scenes that will leave you amazed. It was certainly the most impressive place in India and the one that marked me the most.

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