Teach your dog to play fetch


All the pets love paying with their owners because that give some time of attachment to their owners. But in the case of the dogs, they seek that connection the most and they care about their owners the most so if you are an owner of a pet you should return their care and spend the time they want from you and by spending the time you can play different games with your dogs and one of that games includes the fetching. Go to this website https://www.pet-select-shop.com/ in order to acquire additional information regarding pet healthy life and breed.

Fetching is a game that all the dogs like, but you have to introduce them to this game. This game is a great exercise for all the dogs and it also keeps them healthy and active and also develops a bonding between the owner and the pet. Some of the dogs are pro at this game while the others are new to it so you will have to make them learn this game because it is easiest one to play with your dog and don’t even require much of your time.

How dogs respond to the playing fetch game

Some of the dogs as aforesaid understand the game and they fetch the ball or any object for you when you throw it while the others just stay there staring at the ball because they don’t know why you threw it and they may even understand the game wrong and may want you to bring that object again and throw it away and this way it will ruin the whole purpose of the game. Not being able to understand the game is mostly the problem with the new puppies and you will have to make them learn this game. Are you interested to learn more about a pet’s nutritional food, pet breed, and other accessories? Visit this website https://tonsofcats.com/ for further details.

Making dogs learn to play fetch

Dogs are intelligent creatures and making them learn to play the fetch game is not that much of a difficult task and you can start this by making your puppy learn the normal commands like sit or do something else and this way your puppy will learn to obey you a will be able to understand you better and you can do that in following some steps

  • The first step is to start the game on a small level and throw a toy at some distance within a room and ask your dog to bring that toy for you and when they pick up a toy and bring it to You should give them a rewarding pet or some other great and this way they will learn the game and for the sake of more treats will bring that toy whenever you throw it again and this way you can teach a dog to fetch clicker.
  • Now the next step is playing in the large ground and asking your pet to bring the toy faster to you and this the way they will pick up the speed.
  • Playing fetch with the Frisbee at the starting level is unfair for your dog because your dog may get hurt so when your dog or puppy is well trained they will be able to play well.