Learn the inside details of Canada immigration Ontario


Ontario is one of the most multicultural provinces in the Canada wherein half of the new immigrants are making their homes. The Ontario is also a land of the opportunity. It is prosperous and democratic society which is built by hard work of the generation of all immigrants. It is also having strong and diversified economy with different works and different industries too. Most of the immigrants come to this place due to the opportunities that are offered there. The people for them are their great asset and they also welcome talent & energy which newcomers bring to their province. Due to all such factors, the Canada immigration Ontario turns out as successful every year.

Destination for the immigrants

Ontario is also Canada’s one of the popular landing destination for all immigrants from across the globe. As the most populous province, around 40 per cent of the Canadians call Ontario as their home. Ontario is even home for the Canada’s capital city Ottawa and largest city, Toronto. In many of the ways, the Ontario is center of political, social and economic life of Canada’s. Related to this, one can also apply for Canada Ontario immigrant nominee program (OINP). Through such a program, the prospective immigrants with skills & experience that are targeted by province can receive the certificate of Ontario provincial nomination that allows the foreign national for applying for the Canada permanent residence with the processing time, which is faster than the classes of Canadian immigration.

The Canada immigration Ontario provincial nomineeaccepts the applications under following categories of immigration as,

  • Human capital stream
  • French speaking skilled worker
  • Skilled trade
  • Foreign work with job offer
  • Employer job offer
  • International students with job offer
  • Master graduate stream
  • PhD graduate stream
  • Entrepreneur stream
  • Corporate stream

The Canada Ontario Immigration nominee program (OINP)

The OINP is one of the immigration programs for the people that are having job offers in the Ontario. It also helps the employers in finding skilled workers which they need. In such a program, the investors or employers apply for recruiting or retaining people that are temporary residents or foreign nationals. If in case, Ontario province approves the application, they nominate the same person for the permanent residence. As soon as you get nominated by territory or province, you should apply for the permanent residence with the Immigration, refugees or even the citizenship Canada (IRCC). As stated there are different categories of the nominees as,

  • The employers can easily recruit through general category and international student with job offers category
  • Individuals can also apply through category of international master’s graduate and the international PhD graduate
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners can also apply through entrepreneur stream and corporate stream

The OINP called as the Canada Ontario Immigration Nominee program (OINP)is the economic immigration program which is designed for helping the Ontario in meeting the labour market as well as the economic development priorities. Such a program allows the Ontario in nominating individuals that have skills & experience for contributing to the economy of Ontario for the permanent residence and even for assisting the employers.

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