Keep Your Car in Top Condition with Preventative Maintenance


Your car is similar to your body, if you fill it with the right fuel and take care of it when it shows signs of trouble, it won’t cause you many problems down the years. On the other hand, neglecting your vehicle almost guarantees you’ll run into some major issues.

To avoid paying for costly repairs or replacements, you must have your car checked periodically by a trained mechanic. Bexhill-on-Sea garage services are among the most affordable in East Sussex, they provide an assortment of professional services which include:

  • Work on all makes & models
  • 4-wheel drive repairs
  • Full diagnostic using modern equipment
  • Service for commercial vehicles, trucks, motorcycles & mopeds
  • Free collection & delivery service

With such a wide range of services on offer, there is no excuse for not taking measures to maintain your vehicle. Having little knowledge of car maintenance is no excuse, if you don’t know how to take care of your car, schedule an appointment with a trained technician.

Replacing and Paying Attention to Fluid

Your car runs on all kinds of motor fluid, so knowing when to change or top up on fluid is vitally important. Your engine oil serves an important purpose, it helps to keep key components running smoothly, without regular changes your engine can seize. Learn more about repairing and maintenance of car on this dedicated website:

You can easily learn how to refill engine oil if you don’t already know, fluids need to be monitored and topped up on a regular basis. For more difficult preventative maintenance tasks, you can book your vehicle into a service garage.