How to Start a New Job as a Courier


Being a courier driver is an excellent career if you want something that is flexible and you like being behind the wheel. With the rise of online shopping, there is more work than ever for courier drivers. However, there are a few important steps you need to take before you can start taking on work as a driver. So, if you think that delivery driving is the right job for you, here are the most important tips you need to help you get started.

Get the Right License and Insurance

Firstly, you’ll need the right license and insurance. Depending on what kind of vehicle you want to drive, you may need to get another license. If you’re just driving a small van, you can do this on your normal driving license. However, if you want to drive an HGV, you will need to take an additional test. Although this does cost you, it opens up more job opportunities for you.

You’ll need insurance if you are planning to take on your own freelance courier jobs. If you work with a company, they will insure you but if you want to start on your own, you’ll need liability insurance to cover you if any goods get damaged in transit. You’ll also need specific business vehicle insurance; you can’t use your standard insurance if you are using the vehicle for commercial purposes.

Practise Your Driving Skills

You need to be a good driver to be a courier or delivery driver. Reckless driving will only lead to damaged items and unhappy customers. You may also be driving a larger vehicle than you are used to. Make sure that you drive responsibly and practice defensive driving. Defensive driving involves using preventative measures to avoid issues and predict dangers on the road. It’s a good habit to get into anyway, but it’s especially important for professional drivers.

Invest in a Vehicle

It’s best to invest in a new vehicle specifically for driving jobs, especially if you want to start your own courier service. When buying a vehicle, you need something reliable because you’re going to be putting a lot of miles on it. Buying a second-hand vehicle might be a good way to save a bit of money, but make sure you do some research and find one that is in good condition. The last thing you want is a cheap old rust bucket that breaks down every 5 minutes because this will just cause lots of missed deliveries.

Find Your First Jobs

Now that everything is in place, you can start looking for your first jobs. Job boards are an excellent place to start. These sites have lots of shipping work and you can browse loads to find jobs that work for you. This is a brilliant way to find new customers and eventually get repeat work. Alternatively, you can apply for jobs with existing courier services or even advertise yourself as a freelance courier. Start by approaching small businesses that may need deliveries. If you start local and undercut the big providers, you can begin building a customer base.

These steps will help you start your new career as a delivery driver or courier. Where you go from here is up to you.