If you have to manage your own business, it seems that keeping your sanity is impossible, but you can. For that it is necessary to cultivate a special ability: detachment You may also not have and get results, the small inconvenience that this way of managing a business is often called a heart attack Neither the ability to sell, nor the ability to know more than anyone else, the key to management is detachment.

because entrepreneurship is almost always a psychological game And we will lose that game if we do not acquire the fundamental ability to step back and detach ourselves, as far as possible, from what is happening. When it’s good and when it’s bad If we do not take that step back and observe everything with perspective, we will always be reacting to things and, instead of taking the reins (a desire for total control lives at the bottom of every entrepreneur) they are the reins, and what happens Every day in the company, which will take us wherever we want Action, and not reaction, is the way to live and get somewhere. In business too.


Some time ago I read a highly recommended book for every entrepreneur, even if the main audience is the artists. This is The War of Art by writer Steven Press field Its first two parts are essential, the third can be ignored The main concept around which the book revolves is that of “Professional” and the goal of every entrepreneur in this case is to become one A true Professional never fully attaches to his work. He is paid to do what he does and, if for whatever reason it does not come out, “nothing happens.” Start somewhere else and keep doing your job the best you know and can, regardless of difficulties and challenges.

Detachment from the business implies that, when it sinks, we do not sink behind because we are hopelessly bound to it . It doesn’t drag us, we have control. Business is a tool for an end, but it is not an end in itself You can see how many successful entrepreneurs thus manage their businesses. If necessary, they pivot and dedicate it to something else, if necessary, they leave it and dedicate themselves to something else. If one falls, they get up with another.


Detachment implies that, as entrepreneurs, the best we can do to preserve our sanity is to gain perspective: perspective of time and distance When I started as an entrepreneur with Resources for SMEs (after leaving an advisory business that was going well, but I was sinking personally) I didn’t sell anything for the first few weeks, except for a product that was almost created alone Interestingly, even though the initiative was profitable, I felt a failure when it came to how to run a business and for more help click here

But then I started selling and, when I caught some traction (3 daily sales on average, about 60 euros a day without doing practically anything) I thought he was the king of the world and had found the key to money at will After a time of honeymoon came another week in which, suddenly, I sold nothing. I examined what was happening and did not see any technical errors, again and again I updated the statistics of my first website and wondered what was happening, while hyperventilating.

Tied to my initiative and, above all, tied to the need for short-term results , I was walking on a roller coaster of peaks and valleys, a manic-depressive ride where I spent, in less than seven days, being Elon Musk to be a failure that will live under a bridge That kind of trip is the most exhausting. And the peaks and valleys are not the terrain through which we have to walk when managing a business.

Even the best of the best will go through black weeks in which, in my mother’s immortal words: “He won’t sell a broom.” Other times he will close a business that fixes the quarter and will think that he is a genius and that he should write a book sharing his secret of success, as some who, by pure luck, obtained results The entrepreneur really acquires that mentality of professional, looks and plays in the long term, with indifference and prepared, without sticking too much to the result in the short term and insisting , whatever happens, in following his system to reach his goal: to be the Better, give the best possible value.


No one can be a professional without having the money well tied. Psychological stability begins with monetary. Therefore, a strength in the treasury budget is necessary An isolated week, a good day or the most terrible of all, does not tell us anything useful about a business and its destination We must learn to look at trends up or down, instead of looking at numbers in isolation and in small In the end, veteran entrepreneurs have become accustomed to the peaks and valleys. They know that there are good days and they know that there are bad days There is no way to get rid of that wheel, but there is a way not to be tied to it and that by rolling it does not make us dizzy, disorienting and exhausting us.

Getting the professional mentality gives you enormous power over the management of a company because what happens every minute does not affect you so much. You are more independent of external events, of these daily fires because, when everything seems to go wrong, you have to trust that this will also happen, if you are working well and with things in order And when it seems to be going well, you appreciate it and put yourself in a position of anti fragility by reinvesting, reinforcing your foundations and your roof. Because today is sunny, but tomorrow, or maybe after, it will rain again.

And it is normal .

As long as one does not stop and continue working, life will be cyclical and will not stagnate in a single state (here is the irony of life, one stagnates only in the bad, good times do not stay to live forever , but the bad ones may, if you lower your arms and start abandoning what you should do As entrepreneurs, we must live detached from the numbers of the day and the short term. If we tie ourselves to the need for constant or rapid success, let’s prepare the heart, and I don’t say it in a romantic sense.


Of course, detachment is impossible to apply in practice 100% of the time. But we will be much better if we get it at least 40%, or 60%, than if we do nothing When you have a success, do not believe it too much, because only those who are above can fall. When something fails, do not take it as something personal, that something has failed, not you You are not a failure, but running a business is a roller coaster, and better detach a little from it.