How to Remove Laptop Skin


If you buy a 2-in-1 laptop from then applying skin don’t make it more beautiful. Skin is basically for traditional laptops. But if you have done this mistake then you need to remove it.

Before attempting to remove the laptop skin, you should first know how to apply it. If you have purchased a reusable skin, you should first remove the plastic backing before applying the skin. To do this, use a fingernail to pick at the seam of the skin, between your thumb and pointer finger. Use the opposing hand to hold the laptop while peeling the skin off. The thick vinyl skin can be tricky to remove, so peeling it slowly is the key to avoiding tears and keeping the laptop skin intact.

While you might not be able to completely remove a plastic laptop skin, you can remove it without damaging it. The process of removing a laptop skin is very similar to removing a sticker. The glue underneath the skin can be removed using a thin plastic putty or credit card. If you’re unable to peel the skin off, you can always apply some vinegar to the plastic. Be sure to avoid sharp objects when you apply the solution since they can damage the plastic.

After using a credit card or putty knife, you can now remove the stickers from your laptop. Use a plastic tool instead of a metal one, to avoid damaging your laptop. You can also use your fingernail to keep the sticker in place. Be sure not to rub too hard because you might tear the sticker. Otherwise, you could leave a sticky residue behind. So, always be sure to keep these things in mind when peeling a sticker.

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