How To Install A Catflap Correctly


Many guys in this world are fond of keeping pets including small dogs and cats in their sweet homes. Looking after these small living beings needs due care. Few people allow the cats to pass in or out. They facilitate cat flaps that are installed by the trained guys.

Tips for perfect installation – Guys on the go for installation of cat flaps should focus on the following:

Size – First of all measure the exact size of the cat that should be able to pass through the flap in easy manners. Measure the chest of the cat that is the largest part. It is wise to install the flap that should be more than two inches than the cat size. Next is the cast’s own height. This will facilitate choosing the right height of the door for installation. Cat’s bottom belly and its back should also be taken into account. There could be some distance between these two parts that should also be measured. Next are the cat’s shoulders and the bottom. Their distance should also be measured. Be wise to add two inches to this size before choosing the cat door for installation of the flap.

Programming – Be informed to program the cat’s microchip or the RFID collar. Perfect cat flap installation is possible when it is accomplished by programming the same.

The right place – You can install the cat flaps in the walls, windows or doors. Your pet cats should feel at ease while entering or exiting the house. You could place benches or the plant pots nearby so that the cat can hide in easy ways.

Weather – It is recommended that you choose the fine weather for installing the cat flaps. It could be the summer as most of the cats prefer the sunny days when moving in or out.

Seek help from experienced installers – Be wise to contact the wise cat flap professionals that know their task well. They know how to use the jigsaw or the drill. It is the right fitters that help you install the right cat flaps when it comes to a wall or the glass. They are the masters of their trade and are well aware of the glaziers that are needed for making the right sized holes.

Interested in installing the cat flaps! Adhere to the above simple tips for cat flap installation in perfect ways.