How to harden psychologically?


Whether it is crazy training or advanced computer training, the success of a challenge that is launched requires adequate mental preparation.


While the ordinary person is going to project himself on the results to be obtained, the person who excels and succeeds in his field concentrates on the steps which will allow him to obtain these results. “Our minds can only focus on one thing at a time,” says Jason Selk, a sports psychologist. If you stay focused on the results, you cannot invest mentally in each of the stages, in other words in the process that will achieve the goal. “


Visualization is the tool of choice for performance psychology. “Scientific studies show that 1 minute of visualization is equivalent to 7 minutes of physical exercise, ” says Selk. For brief moments of 2 to 10 seconds, imagine yourself doing your movements well. Do this before each training or competition. Have a mental picture of both the process and the steps. In other words, do not limit yourself to a projection of the finality, but see yourself approaching the obstacle, overcoming it and coming out victorious.


It is perfectly normal for the pulse to accelerate before or during a race, match or intense training. “Unfortunately, it hurts performance, “says Selk. To control your heart rate (and keep all your means), inhale for 6 seconds, hold your breath for 2 seconds, then exhale for 7 seconds. Practice this technique before exercise, regularly during exercise during breaks, or whenever you start to feel tense.

To visualize is to win: For brief moments of 2 to 10 seconds, imagine yourself succeeding in your movements.


According to the theory of “expectation-value”, focusing amplifies the object on which it relates. “So you have to learn to talk about yourself in a very positive way,” says Selk. Even if we are joking, we must be careful never to speak of ourselves in negative terms. So, instead of saying “I’m not very good at it”, we would rather say “I’m learning to improve in this area”. “


Adopt a motto that encourages you to focus on your strengths and your goals. Repeat it as if what you expected had already happened here on , even if it is not. “The more you talk to yourself in the right way, the more you reinforce the potential of this statement,” says Selk. Once you have fully integrated this mantra, its effects are infallible. “

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