Factors Considered to Decide the Pearl Price?


There are number of factors that generally decide the value of pearl e.g. pearl size, type, surface quality, colour and many more. Any natural pearls are very rare and hence they will be more valuable as compared to cultured pearls.

When you try to purchase any pearl jewelry set then two important factors will decide its cost that is whether it is natural or cultured pearl. Natural pearls are found in the sea and Oyster divers find them from the ocean. They are rare and also quite expensive.

Cultured pearls on the contrary are created by using certain farming technique. Cultured pearls are also 100% real but as compared to natural pearls they are relatively cheaper.

Following are few other factors that have a bearing on the value of the pearl.

  • Pearl type – The value of south sea pearls usually is considered to be high-end type of pearls.
  • Pearl size – As compared to large-sized pearls, small-sized pearls relatively attract lesser value.
  • Pearl colour – These pearls are available in many different types of colours and natural colours are more in demand.
  • Pearl shape – The rounder the pearl is, the value of it too will be more.
  • Pearl lustre – To have better value the pearl must have more lustrous shine.
  • Pearl surface quality – If there are more surface blemishes then the pearl will be less valued.

So, you can see that the combination of all above factors will decide the pearl’s value.

Let us talk about few well-known pearls:

  1. Tahitian Pearl

These pearls are usually of dark colour and considered to be an exotic pearl. Depending upon their quality as well as size these pearls may cost anything between $500 and $25,000.

2. Akoya Pearl

These are also other classic pearls available in white colour however they are usually smaller in size. These are cultured pearls and may cost in the range between $300 and $10,000.

3. Freshwater Pearl

These varieties of pearls are available in many different ranges of size, shape and colours. The round versions are very similar to Akoya pearls however they are comparatively less expensive and usual the price range can be between $50 and $2,000.

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