Eero vs. Google WiFi: Best Mesh Network System For You


Everyone uses the Wi-Fi connection nowadays – it has become a significant part of the daily lives, mainly in the advanced realm. And each standard Wi-Fi setup has one router as the sole signal transmitter, and if the router goes down so as the signal.

There are days when you experience a slow Wi-Fi connection or even a no connection at all; if this happens, there could be so many reasons behind it. It can be the signal to not reach you properly because of the interference like walls in a way that might cause the signal to get lost. To date, you don’t have to deal with all this inconvenience as there are many range boosters and signal extenders you can have at home. A mesh network can be an excessive solution to prevent a slow signal or connection regardless of what setting you have at home. If you want to learn more about the usefulness of a mesh network, you are in the right place, check over here.

What is Mesh Network?

You may see a router as the only way to spread the Wi-Fi signal at home, but really, you can use a mesh for a stronger connection with no interference. It is like boosters and extenders that will ease the slow throughput or dead spots at home. Mesh network act as satellite nodes that provides multiple access points in your home. It improves the range and performance of your Wi-Fi, which means you can have the signal even in the deadliest spots in your home or behind walls.

Nowadays, there are many mesh Wi-Fi networking kits you can have, Google Wi-Fi and Eero are the top choices for most people.

  • Eero Mesh. Eero is hitting the market for its robust and seamless blanket of Wi-Fi it provides at home. Being one of the top-rated mesh in the industry, it has developed a modern, desirable system with a small design. You can place it anywhere in your home, which can be a great way to expand your network and boost the speed connection.
  • Google Wi-Fi. If you are into a sleek designed mesh, Google Wi-Fi is the best you can have, and this one is simple to use, easy to set up. Plus, it comes with a much affordable price, and should you need a switch to run, you can also buy cable support. Google Wi-Fi is excellent in providing consistent automatic updates to let you know if the network is secure and functioning well. And not only that, but you can also add more nodes to expand the system as well.

If you are to compareGoogle Wifi vs eero, both are excellent entry-level mesh wifi systems you can find in the market. Each delivers better wifi throughout your home with a wider variety of expansion options but with different price points. These two mesh networks are, without a doubt, the most-trusted systems on the market.

The Bottom Line

Setting up your standard router at home with mesh will probably solve your signal strength problem. And when the time comes that the nodes go down, users won’t even notice a problem as the rest of the system will communicate to fix the issue.