Do’s and Don’ts when Meeting your Partner’s Parents for the First Time


Getting into a brand new relationship and impressing that person is pretty daunting, but meeting your partner’s parents for the first time can be a very scary task too. You don’t want to be too in their face, but you also want to show that you like them. This meeting could be tricky if your partner doesn’t get on with their parents too well, but it’s up to you to bring a friendly face to the table – one day they could be your new in-laws. Here are the do’s and don’ts when meeting your partner’s parents for the first time.

First impressions are very important when meeting new people, especially parents of your new relationship – it almost seems like you have to try and impress an interviewer. Family dynamics are very different; some parents will be very warm and welcoming, whilst others could be more conservative and cold.

How you look, and the clothes you wear says a lot about a person; on first meetings, people will gather the first impression of you based on what look like – look scruffy, and they might think you’re not trying hard enough, but dress too formal, and they could think you’re trying too hard. It is best to look smart, but not too overdressed; for men, casual Farah Shirts from retailers such as, paired with a nice pair of jeans, and smart shoes will make you look presentable and tidy, but will also give you a more relaxed feel. For girls, a pretty and modest top, with jeans, and stylish shoes will create the best smart casual look.

First greetings are also important for first impressions; ask your partner if they are ‘huggy’ people, or if they just prefer a handshake – all families are different. Give them a friendly smile with direct eye contact, and also appear enthusiastic to meet them, as staring at the ground with your arms crossed will not make you appear very friendly. Give them a compliment or two; this will show them that you are a nice person – but don’t go overboard.

When chatting to them, just be yourself, as this will allow them to respect you even more. If you’re someone who is more funny and outgoing, make sure to have a laugh with them – this will make them feel more comfortable around you. Don’t make jokes directed at your partner, and don’t put them down. If controversial topics crop up, and their opinion is the opposite to yours, don’t act confrontational as this will not put you in their good books. Overall be friendly and approachable; if they have made you food, offer to clear up the table or help wash up the dishes, and at least make sure that you thank them for the food. Maybe you would like to invite them round to yours and cook them a meal? This shows that you are responsible and mature – here are pointers to create the perfect, stress-free dinner party.

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