Computerised Auto Diagnostic Solutions for Easy Repairs


It wasn’t that long ago when a car breakdown would involve time-consuming trial and error practices in order to determine the cause. There are so many variables that even an experienced mechanic finds it difficult to diagnose a fault, yet with computerised vehicle diagnostics, the mechanic will know exactly what’s wrong within a few minutes.

  • On-board Computer – If your car is less than 3 years old, it is likely to incorporate an on-board computer, and the technician at the car garage in Hamilton, Lanarkshire, would simply plug his laptop into a special socket under the driver’s dashboard, and this will help to determine the fault.
  • Electronic or Mechanical – When a car develops a fault, it could be connected to the electronics, as with a lack of spark ignition, or it might be a mechanical fault, such as a component failure. Without computerised diagnostics, it could take couple of hours for the mechanic to trace the fault, and as we all know, time is money, especially when a qualified mechanic is working on the car.

How Does Computer Diagnosis Work?

The small on-board computer receives data from numerous sensors in the engine, and should the water pump not be working, for example, the diagnostic program would realise this and inform the mechanic. If the fault is electrical, the computer program would also point this out, allowing the mechanic to quickly ascertain what needs to be done.

Using computerised diagnostics saves the technician a lot of time, and this equates to a cheaper repair. Cars are becoming more and more complex, with driverless vehicles already on the road in some countries, and by taking advantage of on-board diagnostics, the technician can quickly determine where the fault lies. Another great source of information regarding the automobiles repairing and diagnose is Do not forget to check that out!