BAKFlip G2 vs CS Hard Folding Tonneau Cover – Compare Differences & Advantages


When it comes to finding the right equipment for your truck, the decision-making process is a bit different for everyone. Some shoppers know exactly what they want; they are likely to make quick decisions. Others like to spend their time going over all the options, making sure they get it just right. When it comes to tonneau covers, it makes sense to take a close look at what is available. The marketplace abounds with quality covers that include a variety of valuable features. A BAKFlip MX4 tonneau cover for example is as functional as it is beautiful. This cover comes in a hard panel with a sleek black matte finish that adds UV resistance and scratch resistance. This is an upgrade over the BAKFlip G2. The panels also improve on the earlier model with a new heavy duty core surfaced with aluminum that provides more rigidity and greater protection for what is in your truck bed.

Comparing Your Top Picks

Eventually, you will narrow your preferences down, and then it is time to do some comparisons. If you are looking at the BAKFlip CS line of hard covers, it’s important to note that these covers come in direct fit with contractor sliding racks. Other advantages of this design reveal its capabilities:

  • 500 pounds of rack capacity
  • Hard cover of folding ABS material
  • Locking system of concealed latches
  • Rack options for adding bike racks and ski racks

The BAKFLIP CS hard folding tonneau cover expands your ability to carry whatever you need, whether that is luggage or a kayak or two. It offers easy bed access and rear window protection. The cover is not compatible with a tool box. The BAKFlip G2 series does not offer the contractor sliding racks and has a slightly lower weight capacity at 300 pounds. It is compatible with adding a tool box and it has a lower pricing point. The G2 series also offers impressive easy access to the truck bed and durable locking mechanisms. You can drive with the cover folded, flipped up or closed.

Enjoying Your Tonneau

No matter what you decide, getting a BAK bed cover will increase your enjoyment with your vehicle, as well as make it a more productive machine. These covers also look nice and even have the possibility of improving gas mileage when closed, offering a more aerodynamic shape to your truck. A big selection of quality covers allows you to pick the one that is best for your needs. All of the designs offer supreme weather protection, keeping the contents of your bed free from moisture and UV rays. If you use your truck for work, having the option of adding a well-equipped tool box might be the deciding factor. For those who play as hard as they work, a rack system allows you to carry a variety of toys that get allow you to enjoy the outdoors. It always pays to consider prices and look for the best deals. Finally, when purchasing a new cover, you want to ensure it fits your truck perfectly and makes it look its best.