Appoint A Cheque Bounce Attorney In Mumbai And Get Quick Relief


We all are living in a digitalised world where everything is being done through digital devices. And when it comes to doing financial transactions, nobody wants to get indulge in time-consuming process of withdrawing cash from their account and then making payment. The long procedure of making payment has been cut short with the help of the invention of cheques. Though cheques are not legal tender, still it is being accepted widely. With the growing use of this form of money, the problems of dishonoured cheques have also increased. Are you fed up of getting back to back bounced cheque? Want to get rid of these inconveniences soon? Then you must take legal action against the cheque holders. And if the sufferer is living in Mumbai, then they can get the chance of choosing among various world class cheque bounce attorney in Mumbai. Before going further, let’s learn what cheque bounce is and what the legal remedies available are.

Learn what dishonoured cheque is:

The cheques get bounced or dishonoured when it is deposited in the bank for collection but the bearer did not get the payments as the bank refuses to pay due to some reason, it is called dishonoured cheque. It is also known as bounced cheques and returned cheques.

Few reasons why cheques gets bounced:

There are ample of reasons due to which cheques presented for payment or collection can be bounced. We have listed here few common reasons, have a look:

  • Insufficiency of funds in the account of drawer
  • Unmatched signatures
  • Alterations of any kind made on the cheque
  • Staled or expired cheques
  • Instruction given by the drawer to the bank not to honour already issued cheques
  • Cheques issued by the drawer whose account has been frozen on the instruction of court or government.

Factors to be taken care of:
In case, due to any unfortunate event, your cheque is returned by the banker, you will be getting a memo for cheque return with the reason why the cheque has been bounced. After receiving the memo, the payee can submit the same cheque again if he had a belief that this time, the cheque will be honoured and he will receive the payment. In case, the cheque gets dishonoured again, then the bearer can take legal action against the drawer. For this purpose, they will need an advocate who can help them to get rid of this inconvenience and also in getting pack the payment amount. Before hiring a lawyer, one must consider the following factors:

  • experience of the lawyer
  • total years of practice
  • number of cases handled by him of same nature as that of yours
  • his behaviour and attitude to towards his clients
  • fees charged by him
  • availability

Choosing a lawyer is very important decision as it will decide how fast you will be getting a relief. So, look for Top cheque bounced lawyer in Mumbai, if you are residing in that city.

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