Applications That Can Always Keep You Connected


It is not a difficult task to stay connected with your loved ones in the present time. You can easily message them and chat with them once you have the right applications installed in your device. Of course, there are so many applications on android that give you the ease and excellence to chat with your loved ones and always stay connected.

You should check out so many applications that are there for chatting and messaging and even for calling and video calling on android. These applications are free and you can have a look at some of the applications below:


This is one of the most popular, cherished, used and loved application. Millions of people use this app every day. You can do Whatsapp app downloads 2018 and any version of this application would give you a great experience. The application allows you to chat with all your contacts that are using this platform. You can send texts, voice messages, media files like pictures, videos and songs and can also voice and video call. Of course, the media files you send through this platform should not exceed 16mb and otherwise it is great. Moreover, you can also set your status on the app and make sure that you put something or other every day that remains there for 24 hours. The features are amazing as they give you privacy as per your convenience. You also get to know if the other person has seen your message or not.


Having millions of users on the Telegram platform, this is undoubtedly one of the more popular messaging apps. But yet this app is mostly known for its solid end-to-end encryption and that keeps the messages and calls of the users private. On this app chat data gets synchronized without any restrictions across all devices and operating systems. The interface of this app is intuitive and amazing. Flexible security options make this application absolutely wonderful and safe. The most exciting thing is that there is no limitation on the size sharing of the media. The file can be of any MB>Stickers and GIFs make this app exciting, fun and more enjoyable.


Line is undoubtedly fighting for ultimate supremacy in the VoIP space against huge names like WhatsApp. This powerful messenger app caters good voice and video ability and has a solid following in Asia. moreover you should not forget that this platform of line also steps outside of simply calling by catering different types of emoticons, stickers, group messaging and even that of the capability to share multiple media with other Line users. In simple words it is a good and effective social media channel such as Facebook and Twitter. This platform is not chained to your mobile phone; you can even make use of Line on your PC or Mac as well. You can also call to the landlines through this application but these specific calls might charge you and that is okay. Otherwise the app is free of cost.


So, since you have so many options in chatting applications, you should not give up on them. You can get all these applications from 9apps play store and ensure that you have the best apps in no time and without any penny or trouble.

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