An overview  about sibling space?


The moment you have your first child you turn on to siblings. In case if you have decided to have another kid, a thought would emerge would be best age gap between babies. Does their exist a syndrome best age gap between children.

Perfect age gap between babies is a myth

As much as the worry or thought parents about having a child, no single best time is there to have a child. Both drawbacks and benefits to have a child placed close together pretty much like pros along with cons if you space kids far apart. All it depends upon family dynamics and how you want to handle the family.

Consider sibling space

Let us now observe the positives along with negatives of children being spaced closely with those that are spaced apart.

12 to 20 months gap between babies

Kids almost of the same age play together and show less sibling rivalry. The reason is that the first child would be too young to have incorporated a strong feeling of jealously. A playmate they welcome with open arms.

For parents within a couple of years to have another child would be to condense all sacrifices which go in raising a child in a single time frame. If children are close together one of the parents would love to stay at home when they are in school. This goes on to save childcare costs and if one parent decides to join a workforce it will take them less time to be off from work. The transition procedure of becoming a working parent becomes considerably easy.

The negative of having children together with unexpected demands of toddlers which take on a mother’s body. When there are two young children, a couple of set of diapers, both of them to be potty trained and all of it means double work. You have to do the same work over and over again. The physical toll that it takes on the mother’s body is really hard to ignore. The body could be recovering from the previous birth and some of them might be breastfeeding. Just wean your first child and you are ready for another.

A 2 year or a 3 year age

Doctors suggest that you better wait for 18 months to conceive for the next baby as it is important for the baby’s health. The drawback is that sibling rivalry is at its strongest as a baby searches for a new born identity at this juncture. But as the kids become older a 2 year age old gap would be beneficial.

3 years or old

3 years or older reduces chances of sibling rivalry to a minimum level. By this time a child has become independent and takes care of things. Mothers have fully recovered from their earlier pregnancies. Larger gap allows parents to devote more time one on one with their kids and provides them an opportunity to enter work force. The only drawback is such spacing might not allow kids to play together.

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