All about Chatbots and its growing need in today’s competitive world


Chatbot is a term that many have come across, but still do not know what they are exactly and why they are presently given more importance by businesses of all types. According to the experts, chatbot is considered to be a service which is powered by rules. The chatbot at times is powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence). This service could be interacted through an interface and comprises of various types of aspects ranging from fun filled ones to varied functions. It is very much possible to have them live on different chat products like Telegram, text messages, Facebook messenger, slack, etc.

These days, businesses also have online trees, although few might not like it. Using text based response type can be much easier since it is quite faster. At times, live chat is also possible.

What is a chatbot?

Trying to visualize chatbot is not likely to be easy. In case, the consumer is interested to purchase something online, he/she has to visit a site and go through the different categories present to find the desired items and to make the final purchase. But at times, trying to identify that desired item can be real trouble, if the site has comprehensive collection of items. In such a case, if the website comes with a bot, then the visitor simply needs to send a message across on Facebook sitting what is desired. This is definitely simple, when compared to browsing through hundreds of items and wasting precious time. Conversing with the bot will help to make retail shopping all the more easier, effortless, quick and fun filled.

But bots are not meant only for those sites where items are purchased, like the ecommerce store. Even chatbot in healthcare is getting popular nowadays. There are also areas like news, grocery, weather, scheduling, finance, life advice, etc. where they can be put to good use. When bots are concerned, there definitely are present plenty of possibilities.

Why use a chatbot?

It is indeed a wonderful technology and really cool to be used and worth the investment in its development. Chatbots are noticed to be great opportunities for businesses to expand its customer base and increase sales and revenue subsequently. Hence, chatbots services in healthcare industry including other industries across the globe are growing in significance, an aspect that cannot be denied or neglected. Its importance is only expected to grow further in the near future. People today prefer to use messenger apps when compared to social networks on computers. Messaging apps are found to be a turning point, making it the future marketing platform for all companies, irrespective of the domain it belongs to.

How they work?

Chatbots can interact as well as answer questions effortlessly using artificial intelligence. They can respond to specific things immediately. But if nothing is said what actually needs to be specified, then it will not be in a position to respond correctly. However, chatbots can very much understand the different languages and commands promptly and precisely to provide the desired results, quite satisfactorily.