About A Great And Experienced Texas Chef Damian Mandola


If the person has a passion in the work and puts a lot of efforts, he or she will surely get the desired goal. Damian Mandola is the best example for this as a successful chef and restaurateur in Texas, United States. In his younger age, he met more struggles and challenges in the studies and also career. But now he is the most successful restaurateur and renowned chef with over 40 years of experience.

Studies and career beginning:

Damian pursued his college at the Sam Houston State University with his friend Nash D’Amico. Both then became partners to start a first restaurant in Texas in the year 1975. Damian borrowed $ 2500 from his parents to start the first fine Italian food corner in the Huntsville, Texas. On the 16th June, 1975, this restaurant was opened and the partners were getting a huge hit with the delicious recipes taught by his mamma. In the successive years, they have been expanding the menu with the new dishes and get more hit with the extensive amounts of regular customers. At the age of 22, Damian Mandola has opened his first Italian restaurant with his partner and currently there are nearly 240 Italian restaurants around the various states of the US.

As a restaurateur, he also has a dream of opening an Italian market. In the year 2006, this dream of Damian has fulfilled and he opened a new Mandola’s Italian market in Austin, Trattoria Lisina and Mandola Estate Winery in Driftwood. In this restaurants Damian has been preparing tasty recipes of his family but he always wants to introduce the new dishes to grasp more amounts of customers. For this purpose, he has always been collecting the recipes from different persons. In order to search out the unique and innovative Italian dishes, he has been travelling throughout the United States and Italy in the past 40 years. He first went to the native place of his grandparents in Italy to find more tasty foods similar to her recipes.

Italian foods at Damian’s restaurants:

As Damian travels throughout the US and Italy, he can able to give the most tasty and healthy foods of Italy in the menu.

  • In his menu, he always wants to add at least one new recipe once in the month to attract more amounts of customers.
  • All branches of his restaurants in different states of the United States have been serving the authentic Italian cuisine foods as the city top restaurant with the great reputation.
  • Many normal people, movie stars, legends, and popular personalities are coming to this Italian restaurant to taste the various Italian cuisines.
  • At the same time, many kids often wish to eat foods in this place because of the old world and rich interior designs, and traditional set of tables and chairs.
  • There is an excellent menu of the homemade pastas, salads, antipasto, fresh sea foods, and fine meats to enjoy the different Italian foods.