7 Must-Try Things while Travelling in Mexico


There are a handful of reasons to visit Mexico. The country is diverse, vibrant, and culturally rich. A confused soul can still find solace here with the myriad of activities here. It often gets difficult to decide since you’d want to try out everything for each of these activities are unique and spectacular. From luxury Mexico beachfront rentals to ancient sites, Mexico has it all. To help these confused souls out here, this list will provide you with a comprehensive list of places that you can visit. So here’s a quick taste of what your upcoming trip to Mexico might be. Learn more about traveling in Mexico on a minimum budget on this dedicated website: https://exploremysoul.com/.

The city itself

Always start from the heart of any country that you’d visit in the future i.e. the capital. The nation’s capital is heart-warming and vibrant with diverse culture. Flights are easily available and the spots are very convenient for the newbies. Take a walking tour of the historical centre to get an idea about the Mexican history and culture. You can also get yourself enrolled in one of those tour buses which will help you get rides at every spot that you’d want to visit. Once you are ready to set down for a meal, head down to the best restaurants in town and experience the rich Mexican cuisine with delight. It is an excellent place to travel even on a tight budget. Mexico is not as dangerous as it is portrayed to be but still, general precautions are advisable before travelling to any great cities around the world.

The beaches

The coastline is studded with numerous bays and hotels which attract a lot of tourists over the world. The beach life is filled with fun activities and eco-friendly resorts where you can have a very close encounter with nature. These beaches very popular for spring breakers which means that the nightlife here is quite exquisite. Try out the different cuisines and don’t forget to munch on to some fish BBQ’s while you are at it. If you want a secluded journey then be sure to explore more beaches that aren’t your conventional tourist spots. Learn more about adventure, tours, hotels & Restaurants, travel, and leisure by clicking here: https://factcity.net/.

Colonial Cities in Mexico

The colonial history made an amalgamation of cultures between two different cultures. The period of colonization observed great oppression but it also gave rise to many architectural splendours and arts which are timeless. There are many restored historic hotels where you can spend some time in. Guadalajara, Jalisco, which is the birthplace of tequila is one of the places that you should be looking out for. Apart from the “tequila factor”, this place is of immense historical importance. Travel to the “white city” of meridian and scout for the various archaeological spots. There are a lot of natural splendours to look out for in the Yucatan Peninsula. If you have heard or see pictures if building made out of pink quarry stone then Morelia is the place you’d want to visit. This place is also filled with a lot of historical and colonial structures which still stand erect today as a testament to the oppressions faced. Taxco, which is the silver capital of Mexico is a place where you can get ornaments made out of silver. It is a quaint colonial town situated in the mountains.

The ancient sites of Mexico

Mexico used to be the place of descent for civilizations like Olmecs, Aztecs, Mayas. They have left us with speculations and artefacts which are still ambiguous till date. Chichen Itza is a must visit as it is one of the seven wonders of the world. As you travel to the city, don’t forget to visit the Templo Mayor which is used to be the main temple of worship for the Aztecs. Some of the other important names that you’d want to visit are Coba, Tulum and Monte Alban. Our website https://freelancertours.com/ provides you complete information regarding booking flights, Resorts, and destinations.

A little bit of adventure

Travel to Mexico means that you will also have a plethora of exciting activities. Keep your adrenaline pumping as you zip line your way through the dense jungle. Surfing or other beach activities are also there to keep your adrenaline pumping. The Rivera Maya which happens to be the world’s second largest coral reef is a place you’d want to look out for. If you are tired of getting wet, then take the journey on foot and travel to the Copper Canyon.

The Mexican Cuisine

How can we forget the Mexican Cuisine, which is exotic in itself? The Mexican cuisine doesn’t end with tacos, it is much more than that. Try some quesillo, tamales and explore the rich flavours of Mexican cuisine. If you are craving for some snacks then head down to the nearest stall and get yourself some authentic Mexican snack apart from nachos. The street foods of Mexico is equally glorious but to end the day without a shot tequila is nothing but injustice. So, get hold of a bottle and end the day on a drowsy note.

Mexican art

The folk and handicraft art go hand in hand which is a culmination of skill and knowledge which has been transferred down the generations. Tourists usually like bringing in souvenirs and it is quite the case that they come home with twice the amount they left with. Some of the most attractive handicraft works are the jewelries, ceramics and other woodworks. These are all handmade and has a unique sense of style. But be sure to not overspend on art and craft especially if you are on a tight budget.

The Mexican culture is something the Mexicans are immensely proud of. You can have a glimpse of what the culture is if you plan to travel there. Be a part of this unique experience that will give you memories of a lifetime. If you can stay for the “Day Of The Dead” festival then you’d honestly be thrown into the roots of Mexican culture. Apart from that, there are carnivals that have lush and vibrant music that is being played all over the town. You can visit this website https://www.gltctour.com/ for further information about traveling in Mexico.